Processing a cheque?!

Yet another feature in the long list of features where Starling trumps Monzo!

So my first cheque to pay into my Monzo account since leaving Starling. Do I really have to send it by post? Starling’s process was to simply take a photo of each side then submit online. The cheque cleared in 24-48 hours.

Sending by post!? How archaic!

How can anyone prefer Monzo? Such simple features non-existent, a clunkier app, much worse customer support! Starling is miles ahead, I had my reasons, but I’m starting to regret leaving!!

Yes you need to post it. Use a different account that supports cheques imaging if you prefer.

Switch back?



This has to be one of the most requested features , you can vote here but I wouldn’t bet on it happening.

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If they CASSd, they have to wait a year.


I think I have to wait 12 months before switching back…

The cheque facility is a feature I only use 2 or 3 times a year, but simply taking photos is so much easier than having to go to the effort of posting the cheque.

I can’t believe Monzo is considered a competitor, I haven’t come across anything that I prefer to Starling… I’m open minded, can anyone convince me of some seriously niche features?!

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Splitting payments with other monzo users is a dream. Starling doesn’t handle this well at all. You can split. But involves sending an SMS to someone who taps the link and pays how they deem fit by browser or by app if a Starling user.

Monzo just sends a notification to the other users app and can just tap approve to pay, and it’ll split it against the actual transaction involved, and tag the inbound the same category.

Pots and overall balances on the home page is another win.

:disco: card is beaut (you missed the summer promo to obtain one).

Paid Early allows you to take your salary/benefits 4pm the working day before you’re due to be paid.

There’s many more. But these are my favourite.


HSBC app - Cheque imaging… :ok_hand:

Deja vu…


This is why without fail I have an account open somewhere with cheque imaging.


The splitting I imagine would be handy if the whole group had Monzo, but for most surely a rarity where everyone in a friendship group has Monzo.

The pots & overall balances imo isn’t as good as starling’s savings goals, I can’t get over the fact I get charged if my main balance goes overdrawn even though I have enough in another pot to cover the shortfall. I do however appreciate pots/savings goals are purely down to individual preferences.

Whilst I’m not interested in the different cards, I admit it’s cool to have different ones. Apart from the promotional card/s, I’m not sure about tiered levels at my expense.

Paid early I admit is a nice feature, although not one I’d really miss if I left.

I’m just a little shocked how different the banking apps are considering the guy who started Monzo is ex-Starling. I assumed both companies would be copying each others ideas/features constantly. I genuinely believed everything would be pretty much the same with just a different style & interface. More fool me for not properly researching the differences :sweat_smile:


I thought Tom was Mondo first, and Starling was created afterwards by Anne after their fallout?

I never paid much attention to the early days to be fair.

Think the biggest hindsight moment is don’t close your accounts elsewhere if you’re yet to feel confident with the new.

Cheques are a dying breed anyway, I have many accounts that offer cheque imaging, but recently used Starling having received my first cheque in many years. Seamless process.

If you’re a regular cheque receiver then just open an account somewhere that does support it, and send the funds across. Hardly a chore or inconvenience in the grand scheme.

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I thought Tom was Mondo first, and Starling was created afterwards by Anne after their fallout?

Other way round. He was at Starling with Anne, they fell out, he left and formed Mondo.


Ah. Fairs, I’ve never read the full story clearly.

A bit of research before moving banks, would of flagged this up to you before making a decision to move


What would be the point of that?


Because strangely enough, not everyone wants the same things.


If you have the same features as everyone else, plus some unique ones, you’ll attract more customers. Surely that’s the point

That doesn’t make sense.

You expect Monzo to have all the features of Starling, plus unique ones. So therefor you’d also expect Starling to have those features? Then they wouldn’t be unique.

This is a good lesson not to CASS before researching or trying out the account. You could have just opened the Monzo account to test the waters and kept Starling open.


I think with something like check imaging though, most probably see it as a standard basic feature given the amount of banks who do offer, so don’t expect it’s inclusion, or lack there-of, to be part of a bank’s USP.

It’s definitely not something I’d think to check if I wasn’t such a nerd for this stuff. It’s a fair assumption. But yes there is a lesson here. Monzo aren’t the only bank which lack this feature, and a good chunk of banks are missing features a lot of folks might consider should be part of every basic offering, so it is worth checking for the mundane things if you’re going to step outside the world of the high street banks. Something you rely on might be missing.


I get your point as soon as something is unique, it sets them apart, however my gripe is about certain features someone would expect as standard from a modern banking app.

I believe the cheque image processing has been a request for some time, and another example, the option to allow friends to settle a debt using Apple Pay was requested a long time ago. These aren’t that niche, just simple techy features you’d expect a banking app to have to at least set them apart from the big banks

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Yeah, lesson learnt :weary:!