PDF statement for individual payments

(Tomáš Neubauer) #1

Pdf statement for invidual payments

(Andy Little) #2

Interesting idea. I’m curious about the reason you’d like this. For expenses claims?


It can be handy to show Pryor if payment when doing a payment. NatWest I believe have this in the mobile banking app.

(Kevyn) #4

This has been mentioned before and would be a good idea as I pointed out previously.

(Jai Sullivan) #5

Agreed, Natwest do this too.

I used to forward the PDF (via iMessage or email) as confirmation of payment. You could just screenshot the Monzo transaction, but this isn’t very ‘proper’.

PDF transaction statements would be a good addition to Monzo :monzo:

(Tomáš Neubauer) #6

Yes. It is handy in numerous use cases.