Problems with gmail

Not getting any notifications for gmail at the moment , everything else is fine. Down detector says others are having problems too, anyone else?

I have to open gmail, refresh it and then it comes through

Seems to do it mainly when phones on standby

Managed to resolve this by clearing the cache. My last android phone was the same. The notifications are just delayed slightly longer than my iphones and I get them within 3 minutes which is fine for me

So if down detector says there are issues, what is your issue?

I’m sure Google are aware and dealing with it.


Look for battery optimisation or similar settings on your device and exclude Gmail .

Down detector will always have people reporting issues especially for such a popular service like Gmail.

Yeah just tried that.
If I switch to 4G test email comes through, then nothing. Then I switch back to wifi and the second test email comes through

Really confused

Now I’m not getting any notifications whatsoever from gmail , I have to manually refresh my account

I’ll try my iPhone now and see if that does it

I’ll wait until the morning and try again.



Well it works fine on my iPhone.

Reddit seems fine and so does whatsapp

Must be a problem my end it I toggle 4g on and off and then magically the email comes through

Ok I cleared the cache and now it seems fine!

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The reported issue is, or was, a local device issue.

No. It never was. It’s Facebook. :man_shrugging:t2:

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If i send an email to myself from another account nothing happens unless i turn wifi off.

I then send another email ( with wifi off ) and nothing comes through until i turn 4G back on.

Really getting annoying now

Are you likely to get any really important, time critical emails in the next few days?

No? Then just chill.


Fair point…

Seems as though they do come through but just a few mins later which is fine :money_mouth_face:

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Apart from the “we’ve left your package in the hallway” ones?


Still messing around. Done some research and it’s common even on the high end S20s

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Tried a different client for my gmail and now I get instant notifications, happy days. Get instant notifications if I’m using the phone or if the phones been on standby for less than 15 minutes

Much better with the new client however on the Samsung forums lots of people are having the same problem on all the new Samsung phones. Basically the phone goes into doze mode after 15 minutes of standby and only lets in what Samsung deem as " high priority " and for some reason emails dont fit in this criteria.
All in an effort to save battery


Who knew the Samsung forums would have the correct answers :thinking::rofl:


Update: theres a script you can run to disable the doze mode so emails come in even in standby.

The reason I had the initial problem was because my wifi channels was congested :crazy_face:

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