Not Getting Gmail Notifications?

Why is this ?

Using an Huawei, i get notifications for whatsapp, messages, calls but never gmail

What’s your instinct ?


Not sure
I’m new to android hence the question.
Sometimes i get the notifications and sometimes I don’t

Which is it?

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First, in the Gmail app, go to Settings>General Settings>Manage Notifications and ensure ‘Show Notifications’ is ON at the top and also ON underneath it (under your account name) Also ensure the ‘Email’ box is ticked.

Then go to Settings>[], then in the ‘Notifications’ section;
set ‘Notifications’ to ‘All’
in the ‘Inbox Notifications’, tick both boxes
in the ‘Manage Notifications’, ensure ‘Show notifications’ is ON, the behaviour is what you want (usually ‘Make Sound’) and the rest of the settings, Sound, Vibrate, Blink light, Show Notification Dot, etc., are set to your liking.

This will set-up the app to notify when any Email is received by the Gmail app. If it still doesn’t work, it may also be a setting on the phone - but I’m on stock Android and so can’t advise on the Huawei skin setup.

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Thanks. I actually did all that earlier.

It’s working fine now, I think it was because I was sending the email to my self from myself on the same email address lol.

Just tried sending from a different email address, sent to my phone and its working every time

thanks :slight_smile:


:+1: Good to hear! I hate those pesky intermittent issues… :angry:

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I am getting emails, but there’s a two minute delay between receiving the email and getting the notification.

Done some googling and it appears others have the same problemo

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