Problems logging in etc

I can’t log in on my android phone and now can’t respond to tech support on my other device as the send button not working. Pretty disppointing for an app based bank.

Have you got any keyboard addons running like swift key or anything?

You need to be more specific. In what way are you unable to log in? What message (if any) do you get? Etc.

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Try or calling them 08008021281

No adf ons and the message i get says ‘log in failed, we dont know why. Try again and get in touch if it still doesnt work.’ Now can’t get the send button to work on chat with tech on other device. Altho trch dont seem to know what the problem is.
When i tried to reply to responses below from my email it said it didnt recognise my email address. Serms to ve ehutting me out on all fronts.

Not sure but maybe reinstalling the app?

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