How to get a bank statement from Monzo

Whatever you need them for, here’s how to get your Monzo bank statements :point_down:


It doesn’t make sense putting Statements under the Settings section. Also way too many clicks to access statements.


It’s at the bottom of the summary tab as well, much easier to access there

Not convenient either and it only has two options: “September” and “All time”. So that’s not really a statement history.

This belongs in summary IMO and is convenient enough there (it is the natural place for it IMO), though it could be improved.

Summary has a pretty confusing UI, but if you squint at the tiny date at top you’ll see an arrow, press the arrow to choose a month, then you can download the statement for that month.

I agree, getting statements can be a bit confusing as they are accessible from a few places but with a different way of getting at them.

One thing I do value is that they can be downloaded as QIFs as well as PDFs and CSV files. Starling and Revolut need to do this.

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This process needs to be made easier. At 9am this morning I have messaged the team for a statement as I need a stamped one. Between 9am and now(15:31) the message hasn’t even been picked up yet and I have already driven to my other bank that has a branch, got a statement printed and stamped.

There should be a way to order a stamped statement without a middleman holding up the process.


Yep! Would be nice for the option to be available in app without having to contact a customer service agent via chat.


Good shout @normit08, I’ve let the team know what you’ve suggested!


Especially when the wait for support is currently at “typically replies in 1 day”. I am not sure if this is just for statement requests or any requests. If I had an issue with my account today would I also have to wait about a day just for someone to sort it out.

I have been a monzo user for quite some time and generally don’t have complaints but this does frustrate me.

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You could specify that your request was urgent if it is, in fact, urgent.

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Thanks, will keep this in mind. When I last had an urgent issue it was resolved fast to be fair. I just find it irritating that I get a response quicker here on something I replied to 1 hour ago than on than from the support chat on something I raised this morning. With the same monzo user being listed as on support.

I’m running both :see_no_evil: It’s harder than you think.

Unfortunately on chat we need to run through the queue system!


Completely understand and appreciate the work load, it isn’t easy. I work in support myself. Hence why I was trying to understand the priority, community responses or support requests.

As mentioned before, happy with Monzo in general. Today is just a blip but its good that a feature suggestion has come out of it.

Keep up the good work at Monzo!

Just thinking, to avoid abuse, if implemented maybe have a limit of how many stamped statements a person can request automatically and then once reaching a threshold then requests go through to an agent.


Unable to find statements using the advice from this article.
The screenshots do not match the app since the update.

If you’re on the new navigation tap on your account number in the blue pill at the top of the home tab and they’re also at the bottom of the summary page