Problem to using Monzo APP in China mainland

I changed to a new Android phone in mainland China, and when I try to log into my Monzo app it promotes me to the screen to let me enter my card PIN. After I enter my correct PIN, it shows “sorry there was a problem, please try again and contact us if it continues”. And I go to the PIN reminder screen and after I put my 3 digits CVC it still promotes the same message: “sorry there was a problem, please try again and contact us if it continues”.
Details to reproduce:
OS: MIUI 12.0
Device: Mi Redmi Note9 Pro
App Version:
The newest version I guess

You should send an email to

No-one from the community will be help you directly as we’re all customers here.


As far as I know, only Android and iOS operating systems are supported by Monzo.

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Recently bought a Mi Redmi Note9 in UK which works fine. Spec exactly as shown by OP

Can you login on your old one?

Maybe it’s something the great China firewall is blocking, maybe try some VPNs.

Don’t mean to offend anyone here so sorry in advance if you find my comment offensive.

A lot of sites in China are banned by the government maybe monzo is on the list therefore it’ll never work without a vpn

I suggest contacting them


Monzo isn’t blocked. It’ll be something else, are you using the mainland version of MIUI or the global one?

Otherwise could be a congested route to the cloud service provider Monzo use.

Monzo uses Amazon and Google cloud servers I think therefore that could be the reason since they’re im sure Amazon and Google is banned


Looks like the Google service framework isn’t working properly here in China. I checked with my girlfriend she using an iPhone with a VPN, and Monzo functions just fine. Guess I have to change to a new phone then…


That’ll be it. Causes problems with the Revolut app too because they use it for mapping.

Nope, Amazon and Google cloud servers work as expected in China.

Nope. Google is banned in China, the complete search engine includes YouTube and all of its services and servers.

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They didn’t for me and according to online sources the dns has been blocked since 2014

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Google is blocked, Google cloud servers are not blocked.

You perhaps mean the cloud server site itself, there’s no way they’re blanket blocking individual servers etc.