Problem setting pin on app

I’m trying to set up my Monzo account and it states there is an issue with verifying my pin. I have tried going in and out of the app the same thing happens. I have changed the numbers and still it states disallowed pin.
What can I do, it gives no option of going back

Hi @scatynaty81 :wave:

Can you reach out to us in chat in the app? :slightly_smiling_face:

It gives no option to go back to the home screen even turning the phone on and off

Hmm :thinking:

Can you DM me your email and I can take a look?

If it says something about disallowed PIN we don’t accept easily identifiable PINs as a precaution :blush:


Ah thanks I chose I different number selection and it’s gone through! Thank you

Beth to the rescue!

(p.s, that’s handy for me to know!)

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