Cant sign up, pin error


Been trying to sign up to monzo for a while now!

On the screen where it says “let’s get your card sorted” it asks me to set a pin, immediately after which I see the following error and the pin in frozen
I can’t go forward or back and can’t access rest of the app for chat

So I left for a few weeks hoping for a app update, saw that app was updated about a week ago but I’m having the same issue still

Any ideas? Many thanks image|231x500

Hi @Hrasab & welcome :wave:

What language/region is your device set to?

Hi David

English and United Kingdom, it’s a UK supplied phone from a major mobile network so I doubt it’s the device, plus my other banks have had no issue running their apps on the phone.

It is an iPhone XR 64GB.


What point are you at in the sign up process?

I would suggest delete the app, restart your phone and then redownload the app.

I’m at the point where the card is supposed to be sent out and the address and pin is being confirmed, all verification has been done

I have deleted and reinstalled the app but it eventually reverts back to this screen where I’m at a brick wall.

The reason for the region/language question was because it has caused random ‘entry’ issues in the past. Now that you’ve clarified it is UK/English - we can move on to the next stage.

It may sound silly, but was the 4-digit PIN number you entered 4 digits (0-9) and did not include any alphanumeric characters (a-z) or special non-digit characters?

If you haven’t already, it’s worth a quick delete and reinstall as a first step (I’ve had a search for past cases of this error internally, and can see that often works :crossed_fingers:). Failing that though, if you drop an email over to we can do some proper digging and raise with our troubleshoot team if need be!