Problem not receiving bank transfer from Lloyds

My friend transferred some money in the early hours of this morning from Lloyds and I still haven’t received the money.

‘Faster Payments’ can take up to 24 hours. Although usually quicker. Have they confirmed correct destination bank details?

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As above. As soon as it hits Monzo it will instantly show in your account.

Try and get some information from the other end. See if the details were correct, whether it is still being processed etc

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Thank you. Yes I reconfirmed the detail at the time with him.

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That’s good. So it must still be being processed by Lloyds.

Unfortunately Monzo can’t help with incoming transfers because they can’t see anything until it hits their system. You should know as soon as they do because it will show in your feed also.

It has not been 24 hours yet so there’s still plenty of time :slight_smile:

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This is likely to be held up at the Lloyds end due to anti-fraud and money laundering checks, which they are allowed to do on faster payments.

To the Lloyds risk-analysis system, a late night payment will likely look more suspicious (especially if it is out-of-character for the account holder, and/or to a new payee). Anecdotally, the anti-fraud checks at traditional banks also do seem to treat neobanks like Monzo with particular suspicion, so they are more likely to block those. If I had to guess, and we do since all of this stuff is clearly not detailed in the public domain to protect bad-actors from reverse-engineering it, I would say this is because it is usually relatively easy to open an account with a fintech - so they don’t have a confidence level as high as they would with other big banks that it’s genuinely the individual concerned who has opened the account and not an identity thief.

Basically, this likely means that the payment is held up for some behind the scenes checks, and possibly review by a human, before being either blocked or put through. The most likely outcome is that it will pass the checks and be processed within 24 hours. If it doesn’t, then it was probably blocked by the sending bank. Your friend will then have to call Lloyds and explain to them that it was a genuine transfer, before it will go through.

I hope this helps!

Sit tight for 24 hours, if it still hasn’t arrived ask your friend to get in touch with Lloyds to resolve it as the problem is likely at their end.


My mother has a Lloyds account and money is sent back and forth regularly and shows up within minutes

is it the first time they are sending? is it also a largish amount?

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