Awaiting money

A friend sent me 350 from another bank to my bank and it hasn’t come through any answers it’s been a couple hours?

Transfers can take up to two days, if that’s what was used. Obviously they’re normally quicker but it’s too early to worry yet.


Technically payments will be received by the end of the next working day. This is 1-4 days dependant on when the transfer happens.

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Just throwing my 2 cent in. From my understanding faster payment can take 2 hr max.
Only bacs transfer takes 3 days, 2 days with monzo.
Never more than that… The max I had to wait was 3 min for any faster payment to hit monzo.
Once it did take 6 hr but monzo serve were down.
Have u checked if your account is not blocked

Taken from

Provided the sending and receiving bank/building society are Direct Participants of Faster Payments, payments are usually available almost immediately, although they can sometimes take up to two hours.

These timescales can still apply if either the sending or receiving bank is not a Direct Participant of Faster Payments.

Some payments will take longer, especially outside normal working hours.

You should talk to your bank/building society if the speed of the payment is particularly important.

As a minimum, all financial institutions in the UK must abide by the Payment Services Directive (PSD) - this states that any payments made by mobile, internet or phone banking (including standing orders) must arrive by the end of the following business day at the latest.

You should contact your bank or building society directly for more information on the exact process they follow when you request a payment to be made from your account.

Emphasis mine.

So, depends on your sending bank. But the only guarantee is end of the following business day.

Some banks have a habit of holding them for ‘fraud checks’ which introduces a huge lag.

I’d be double checking he sent to the right account number and sort code, if it was from a UK bank!

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Does your friend bank with HSBC? If they do;

Hey @Dylan9993 :wave: Welcome to the community!

If your transfer still hasn’t arrived after 24 hours, ask the sender to contact their bank and ask for the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) - they’re usually either 16 or 18 digits long. Once you have that reference number, get in touch with our team via the Help tab in the app and we’ll be able to take a closer look and track down the payment for you :money_with_wings: