'Faster' Payment Delays

(David Campus) #1

A friend of mine just tried to send me a faster payment from his starling account. It hasn’t worked - even though it’s showing sent in his account.
This isn’t the first time this has happened to me.
Does anyone else get this. It’s embarrassing to have to ask your friends to send money again . Monzo support staff always seem to want you to get your friends to take screen shots or get in touch with their own banks in order to get these issues fixed but this is un realistic.


Hello @dcampus :wave:

Faster payments are generally instant but can be around a couple of hours. But they can take as long as the close of business of the next working day.

We ask for as much information so that we can locate it if we have received it on our end. If it is sent correctly it’s applied to your account immediately.

Generally we need to know the sending bank details, name, sort code, account number, reference. And of course, the amount. We ask for a screenshot so none of it is lost in translation.

You’d also be surprised that occasionally this is how we spot the wrong details have been used!

As we have no control over receiving money, it is always better to contact the sending bank first.

If I sent money to my friend from my Monzo and they didn’t receive it, Monzo will have more information regarding the transaction as that’s where the details are created. This is the same with any transfer. If I sent it to Santander, Monzo is the best place to query. And vice versa

Lastly: transaction reference numbers are helpful and are only available when the faster payment has been processed and should be making its way from the sending bank.

(Peter Roberts) #3

I transfer money between starling and monzo on a daily basis and it’s never taken more than a few minutes. It’s usually instant

(Jack) #4

I find Tesco bank one of the slowest to process FPS. It’s always within two hours though but takes a good 30 mins or so.

(Dannii) #5

When I sometimes do HSBC transfers it can take a few hours if it’s anything over £100…


Could be it’s flagged as suspicious and pending manual review (not sure if Monzo or Starling do it, but I had that happen once with legacy banks) - once that’s done future transfers between the same account should be instant.