Problem adding Monzo card to Oyster account

(Harpartap Singh) #1

I tried adding my MasterCard but it keeps getting rejected. I think it might be because you have to provide the exact name on the card but my card doesn’t have my name on it!

Please help!

(Philip) #2

It might be more efficient (& less expensive) to use your Monzo card in place of an Oyster card. As a rare visitor debit cards work well.

(MikeF) #3

As ever, please raise it with the support guys via the in-app chat for help.

(Harpartap Singh) #4

Thanks. I was trying to register my Monzo card with Oyster in order to have a journey history etc. Sorry for the confusing description

(Harpartap Singh) #5

Thanks mate. I just have to figure out how to do that!

(Hugh) #6

If on Android, hamburger menu then select “help” and scroll to the bottom where there is a button to open a chat.

The name is pretty irrelevant iirc.

The address however has to exactly match whatever your Monzo registered address is.

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