Hiding the salary amount from the transaction list

It would be great if I could hide the amount I get as a salary from the general summary of my account.
Obviously you don’t want to share the amount you get paid with random people, but sometimes you need to top up your main account in a queue in the shop or somewhere else, and people can see how much you earn on your screen. Being able to just XXXXX the amount from the summary screen would be useful.

If you were topping up, they wouldn’t see the cash amount paid in until it had topped up after handing over the cash. So they would need to leave their position in the queue and follow you in the hope of spotting how much you paid in. The money being paid in might not be sourced from your salary too.

Edit: sorry I read that quick, I assume by hiding salary you mean your current account balance? That would make more sense.

I think it’s been mentioned before, I’ll see if I can find the thread. It was very recently mentioned by another person.

The thing is if someone saw you had say £100,000 balance or £10,000 balance or £1,000 balance what does that change? I wasn’t going to rob him but :thinking: if I nick his phone, chop off his thumb, interrogate for pin, I could transfer some cash out to my own account and then get swiftly nicked… :oncoming_police_car:

If they are nosey type then it’s probably either ‘oh they are doing alright for themselves’, or a smug ‘I’m doing better than them’ in their head. Who cares. :man_shrugging:

Do you mean transferring money from a pot to your main balance?

Sorry, that might have not been clear enough. I’m referring to this screen

If I got paid today there will be amount of money I got paid by my company in there (between James and Sainsbury). For example £1500. It’s labeled SALARY, so even if someone doesn’t know where I work (to identify it’s salary by the name of the company) it clearly stands that it’s SALARY.

Like here

What I’m saying is that the amount of salary should be only visible after I intentionally click on my salary list item.

I think the key question I have is what purpose does it serve in hiding it from potential nosy people looking at your phone over your shoulder? :eyes:

If you are getting x amount incoming payment from a business it could be for anything.

Mine just says who sent it, doesnt say salary.

Needs to be on the transaction feed as its a list of all incomings and outgoings

I think a ‘discreet mode’ would serve the user base better. That way every value can be hidden including Current Balance which might be significantly higher than your salary?

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There was the idea of demo mode for those wanting to show off Monzo to people without them seeing real transactions or cocking things up.

The best implementation of this I’ve seen is the Emma app scramble mode.
It just changes all the figures to something complete random. Can’t remember if it does the same to the merchant names…


I would also like some way of hiding the salary transaction amount in the transaction list. This could perhaps be a demo/discrete mode for when showing the app to others or it could perhaps be a setting whereby the amount associated with the salary transaction is blurred/hidden by default and it needs authentication to unhide it.

The lack of something like this is one of the reasons I don’t have my salary paid into Monzo.

I’m a fan of Emma but not of its Scramble mode. The weird currency symbols and nonsensical scrambling of values just confuses people viewing the app in my experience. Also, it doesn’t require authentication to exit the scramble mode.

@iamarek I’d suggest changing the title of your thread to “hiding the salary amount from the transaction list” (or something similar)

I guess this is fine. But what about people in Japan does theirs get shuffled into £?

Emma is currently live in the UK :uk:, US :us: & Canada :canada:.

I assume they would adapt to pick the currency symbol if they branch into other places.