Previous Statement of Fees can't be downloaded or exported

**Issue: Unable to download, export or share the Statement of Fees for the previous time period, even though it displays OK in the app

**Details to reproduce:
• Go to Account > Statement of Fees > Previous
• Click on the date range (for me 1st Oct 2018 - 30th Sep 2019)
• The Statement of fees displays on screen
• Click on Save (actually this should be the share button, but that’s an UI design issue)
• the share sheet comes up from the bottom
• try to use any of the methods offered to export the document
• I tested clicking on one my MacBook in the first row, of using the AirDrop icon on the second row, or emailing it to myself or Save to Files
• Result: not of these methods work for getting the document out to the app
• Note: it works just fine with the current Statement of Fees document that’s listed first on the Statement of Fees page

**OS: iOS 14…0.1
**Device: iPhone Xs Max
**App Version: 3.56.0 #685

I’ve just gone through the steps above, and while email just provides a blank email, I could save to files, and that seemed to work.

**OS: iOS 14.1

I just updated my OS from iOS 14.0.1 to iOS 14.1 and tried again. I tested

  • Airdrop by clicking on device icon
  • Airdrop by clicking on Airdrop icon
  • Copy command
  • Safe to Files

None of these lets me export the previous Statement of Fees from the app.

Airdrop works OK with the most recent Statement of Fees. The Copy command and Safe to Files doesn’t actually work with the current Statement of Fees.
I think there are two bugs here: Copy and Safe to Files are generally broken. Safe to Files should bring up a sheet asking you where you want save it, but it doesn’t. The Clipboard also stays empty when using the Copy command.
The second bug seems to be that Airdrop doesn’t work with the previous Statement of Fees document, even though it does work with the recent one.