[iOS] Can't export to CSV via Account tab

I can’t export to CSV the last couple of months for some reason. When I’m pressing export button on Statement History screen it automatically generates for me PDF where I don’t see all details about my transactions (like category for example).

Details to reproduce:
0. Open app on iPhone

  1. Open statement history
  2. Tap “Share” icon
    Should appear action sheet with options CSV, PDF…
    I can share my PDF only

iOS 12.1.4
iPhone SE
App Version:
2.37.3 #511

Are you doing this from the “export & bank statements” at the bottom of the Summary tab, or via the “statement history” accessed via your Account tab?

On the Summary tab one, there is the option to export as PDF, CSV, or QIF, but via the account tab you only get the PDF option.

Not sure why this is. One of the inconsistencies that it would be nice to see fixed :blush:

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Oh thank you!

Looks like I tried from the bottom of the Summary tab before.

Works for me.

Have a nice Sunday :slight_smile: