TestFlight for iOS (1.19.27) available

(Frank) #1


  • You can now select previous references for payments
  • Your statements can be accessed via your profile page

Bug fixes

  • The pots keyboard now dismisses when you tap away :+1:t2:

I like the reference list but if you select one by mistake you have to manually delete it all before the full list shows again. This could be fixed by adding a ‘x’ to delete the reference in full or by not filtering the list based on the text in the reference field. I would suggest the former as it feels cleaner. :ok_hand:t2:

What would also be good is having a ‘history’ button next to the pay button so you can see all the previous payments made.

Overall some good iterations.

(Michael) #2

I like the new statement layout … I don’t like the fact it tells me each month how much I’ve spent. Those figures make me cry…

But seriously, it’s nice to have that top level balance, total in & total out. :slight_smile:

(Nicholas Carter) #3

Small bug report from myself, and it’s the worlds smallest styling thing…

The “Statement history” button in the account view, the font size seems to be smaller than any other button on the page… Not a bug, just a visual thing I picked up on (Unless my eyes are broken?) :eyes::eyeglasses:


Just updated to 1.19.27 on the standard app store, don’t think I’ve ever had testflight.

Two UI suggestions:

  1. when start a new bank transfer and you type in “Recipient Name” you don’t get those iOS arrows to go to the next line (sort code in this instance) which would be nice
  2. when you click on a standing order that’s been set up I can’t see a way of seeing which account details those have been set up to which would be nice to have.