Exporting all time bank statement as CSV error


I am trying to export an “all time” bank statement from the app on iOS (Latest version) both over WiFi and Mobile Data. After 10/20 seconds I get a “There was a problem, request timed out”. I tried a PDF which works fine.

Anyone got any ideas please?


Export the PDF and then convert it to a CSV on your computer?

@Ordog Doesn’t give me all the cells I need. CSV gives you a lot more detail.

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That’s why it’s timing out then. Too much data to export :frowning:

You’ll have to find out where the limit is. Try 3 years, then 2 years and decrease from there until you find a date range it can handle. Then you can work upwards in those increments until you have all your history.

The issue is that there is no custom date range that you can request. It’s either the period you are looking at, so about 1 month, or all of time. Where is the last 12 months or start to end date function?

If you select the bottom option you can set a custom date range then select CSV

Thanks for the quick reply Chris but mine does not show this option


I wonder if this is an Android / iOS difference - I’m on Android.


I am on iOS so that is probably the difference

I have custom on iOS

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Perhaps you’re on a phone that doesn’t allow this or not on the most up to date version of the app?

Intrigued that might be a thing. Can you give more insight on that @_Tom?

An older generation Android or iPhone, or other types of phone manufacturers

Managed to resolve it by reinstalling the app on iOS. Not sure what caused it. Unfortunately with iOS we don’t have the option of clearing the “cache” or “app data” like on Android devices.

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