Idea Gift Screen via monzo

I have a couple of weddings and am sending a present of cash via monzo to the people getting married.

Would be great if you could send money as a gift and the receiving party has a card on their account they can open or scratch off and receive a message. bit less transactional…


You could use the “Share a link” payment option, set it all up, generate a QR code for it, and then print it off and put it in a card for someone. They then scan the QR code, and enter their bank details for the money to be transferred into.

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They expire pretty fast, so you’d either have to get rather creative (which not everyone has the skills or resources to do) or make it very last minute.

Personally I like the idea being presented here. We need a digital replacement for cheques that feel just as nice to receive, and gamification is always awesome.

Edit: knew I was getting some real deja vu here:


Thanks for all the response, ill try the link for now but surely frictionless and effortless would be better for customers?ie the fact we have to do x, y and z means its an effort :grin:


It sounds a bit like giftcards and this has been suggested a few times before. I personally feel it’s a bit dated but hey that’s just me.

You’re best sticking your vote on one of these and pooling them all into the one topic so that the number is greater and therefore more likely to get Monzos attention.