Monzo Premium Travel Insurance

Reading the documentation it seems that the Monzo Premium Travel Insurance doesn’t include family cover. Please could someone confirm that that’s the case, or have I missed it. Thanks.


Thanks both. I did read it and I couldn’t find anything. But thanks Anthony for the screen shot. I hadn’t noticed that.

See definition of “you/your/beneficiary(ies)” on page 8 of the travel insurance T&Cs

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On page 7 of the T&Cs:


the Cardholder and his/her spouse or legal partner (any couple in a common law relationship living permanently at the same address), their unmarried children, aged under 19, or age 19 to 21 if in full time education, who are legally and financially dependent (according to the regulations of the country of residence) on the Cardholder, all living in the country of residence and travelling on a trip.

Thank you so much!

Does anyone know if the travel insurance covers “cruises” or if you can add that and what any costs would be?

Cruises are neither included or excluded from the policy. One exclusion is “*Sailing (outside 20 Nautical Miles of the coastline)”, although a cruise is entirely different. Reassuringly :sweat:, ‘sea vessel’ is included in the ‘HIJACK’ section…

I’ve previously been on many cruises with ‘standard’ travel insurance - meaning you are covered for the outbound travel, the duration of the trip and the inbound travel. I always check with the cruise line/travel agent when booking and a general travel policy has been all that was required (pre-Covid that is, I’ve no idea if increased travel protection is required for cruises thanks to Covid?)

I’ve only traveled overseas once since Monzo Premium launched but that was a flight/hotel/flight trip and had no reason to use the travel insurance.

You can check the specific terms here: