[Premium] : LoungeKey and Mastercard World Elite

So I’ve rejoined Premium. I also have a Curve Metal which I use for the added protections/cashback and the other features.

I note that both say they’re Mastercard World Elite cards. My business card (also Monzo) says ‘World Business Debit’. Both cards also provide LoungeKey access.

  • The Monzo x LoungeKey website says £24 for discounted lounge access whereas I remember seeing somewhere it’s cited as £20??? Is there really a £4 difference between the two and if so why is this the case?

  • I’m also looking at going to AMS next week and saw that the BA Galleries Club lounge on the Monzo x LoungeKey website and wanted to clarify if you could actually get into airline lounges on a Monzo card/ if anyone’s experiences getting into this lounge has been particularly smooth with LoungeKey? Usually I’d get in flying Club Europe but sadly not this time! (EasyJet)

  • As for the World Elite… what does this actually mean in real terms/ do for us? I’ve seen that there’s a raft of different benefits and protections but it’s all offered on an issuer/bank by issuer/bank basis. Is there any instance, say where travelling, that the World Elite Debit would be treated differently.

I remember seeing somewhere that Revolut Metal cards were all World Elite but that in real world terms it didn’t mean sod all…

Depends where you saw it was £20. Was it somewhere to do with Monzo?

This is an explanation of world elite


Really? That would be surprising. I’ve never come across a way to get into an airline lounge without flying with them or being an alliance member.


Not this specific lounge, but this will probably still be relevant:

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I was shocked too because aside from the exception such as Virgin (Atlantic and Australia) - I’ve never heard of paying to get into an airlines’ lounge!

And as you say… you still have to be flying with VS (albeit Premium) for paid access.

This feature seems largely useless then haha

Thank you for that! Also I’m not sure, I need to have a good proper look again but remember seeing £20 in relation to Curve.

Was wondering why there would be a price difference. Even if it’s only four quid.

So far I’m struggling to log into the LoungeKey account I just got with Monzo which is a bad start lol

I don’t know if that still applies - the last few times I’ve flown I’ve just shown my Monzo card and both Escape and Aspire and had no problems.

In fact in September that’s how I noticed a bug where we weren’t charging people correctly. I reported it while on holiday, should have waited until I was back in the UK and I might have had free lounge access on the way back too :wink:

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No1 lounges are evil. They failed to negotiate higher fee from the lounge access schemes (Priority pass, Lounge Key, etc) and charging a fee to “pre-book” a slot is their way around it. Thus yeah, No1 costs more on top of access key.

About airline lounges - from time to time individual airline lounges join the Priority Pass / Lounge Key / etc networks. I.e. sky team lounge in Heathrow (now closed), Swiss, united, SAS, KLM are all known to have been part of pay-to-access lounges.

Btw do note that one can buy i.e. priority pass membership direct if you need it. It might be more cost efficient than having a Premium banking card product.

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The BA lounge in Amsterdam was outsourced a few years ago. While it remains BA branded, it is effectively now a third-party lounge that accepts a lot of the usual schemes.


Good info. I’ve just checked LongeKey - via Monzo Premium - and it gives the Terminal 1, Terminal 2 AND BA lounges at Schipol. Now planning to use the :monzo: Premium offering there (if it actually stacks up!)

A rarity then! I’ve never used that lounge tbf.