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Hello Monzo community,

I had an idea to pitch if it was of any use. Why not have a Monzo premium metal credit card or have a metal debit card where people can pay to have one. It feels both personal and something premium to posses without upgrading from a basic account

The cost of the card doesn’t make it logical.


Yeah I feel that would be cost prohibitive unless Monzo charged a fee for it. Don’t forget that current metal card for the Premium current account costs £50. If you order a card and cancel (even in the cooling off period) Monzo will charge you £50 for the card.
A metal Flex card for Premium account subscribers sounds good to me though.

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You already have to pay for a metal card. It’s £15 a month. Making it a one–off fee would dilute the ‘premium’ aspect of it which is the exact opposite of the status it’s designed to confer.

I agree with you on this aspect. I was pitching for a metal credit card. As Monzo has launched cashback again, why not have a FLEX PLUS kind of a metal credit card which gives more premium feeling with additional offers such as Priority pass

It seems like you’re mixing up lots of different things here.

Cashback is not Flex and neither is priority pass. All three of these things are completely separate.

  • Cashback is on current accounts
  • Flex is a separate card you apply for. A bit like a credit card.
  • Monzo have airport lounge access with Monzo Premium for a monthly fee. And you get a metal card with this

I can’t see where the benefit to Monzo would be though. They’de have to charge extra for it for a start, and that would infer additional benefits.

Never Going to Happen (C @Revels 2023)


May be we can have a metal flex card for premium subscription. I can explain why.

Firstly, in terms of the niche target, all premium account holders might have atleast 1 credit card excluding monzo flex. Now if we look at the usage in terms of spending, in my opinion people use more credit card than their debit card for two main reasons. Firstly to get points or rewards or cashback and second reason is more safety on credit card (section 75) regarding purchases. One may elaborate that the use of mobile payments such as apple and google pay but the premium feeling of using a metal card is way more than mobile wallets. It may garner more premium account holders and Monzo can add some extra perks as as cashback on all spend (0.5%) for a metal flex credit card for a small monthly fee. Does this makes sense?

It’s not really about opinion, you’re factually wrong. It’s twice the amount on a debit card vs credit card.

This is also wrong. Mobile wallets are exceeding physical cards.

So you’re proposing the Monzo charge a monthly fee for Flex in order to give 0.5%? Seems unlikely when the cashback offering has just launched and it’s not like this, but targeted at specific retailers.

A metal Flex card linked to Premium is possible, but seems unlikely and adds even more complexity.

It makes sense, it just doesn’t stack up.

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I think the problem, generally, with metal cards is that when it’s a chargeable item, people expect to get something for it. Hence Monzo premium with insurance, Revolut Metal etc.

If they were to do this, there would have to be something in addition to what you would already get with premium, and given the market we’re in, I can’t see an introductory rate happening any time soon, let alone a metal card.

I admire the optimism and who knows, maybe I’ll be wrong (and it will happen) but I doubt it.

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Yeah the data is completely different from my opinion. May be if it works. Lets see if Monzo comes up with something exciting and more partners. Making cards and features like Amex Gold, Platinum

I definitely can’t see that happening! Both in a partnering with Amex (Why would Amex want to do that) and competing sense. Amex knows what it is, flex knows it’s not Amex, everyone gets along nicely.

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No no I meant features like Amex. Definitely not partners😅. I like the way Monzo does things in their own Monzo way

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You must have formed your opinion on something. Can you share where you’ve seen different?

Actually I have been to a number of high street shops and what I observed was targeted audience group, type of transactions and the value of transactions. I averaged out the basics like hotels stays, dining, shopping etc. The value of these kind of transactions are above the limit of mobile wallet payments. These scenarios makes the use of a credit card and it benefits in two ways, prestige and value. As a brand, Monzo has a very strong brand influence and the display of the brand name while payment creates a dominant impression (specially the card).

No they’re not.

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None of what you’re saying is correct.

There is no limit to ApplePay

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My apologies, i mixed it up with contact less payment

This seems concerning without extra context. Are you stalking customers for their transaction value/type or are you referring to your own transaction values/types?

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Hahaha. I certainly do not need to do that. One can make out from the type of place one visits.
May be the idea seems individualistic and non convincing. Let me say it other way round. As peoples preferred payment is wallet payment, why make 3 different types of card. A simple one also suffices the need