Noticed this on Monzo cards? World debit and World Elite debit?

What’s the difference??

you are now part of the 1%

world elite eh


It’s not unknown for a a retailer to end up paying more in charges if a customer uses a higher tier card

Does anyone can login to the MasterCard World Elite portal?

It seems it does not work when using the BIN 535778.

I tried last night too and got an error.

I’m assuming that’s one of the features “not turned on”.

One thing I was wondering - the Lounge and Travel insurance thing, is that “just” the world elite product (ie it’s the MasterCard link to the insurer / lounge), or do Monzo still have to go and sort their own products?

because that portal is for Mastercard credit cards, you however have a debit card!

It just states benefits for all MasterCard elite cardholders the term ‘cardholders’ gives the impression that debit will get the benefits aswell

Those portals are only for debit cards, debit card features for premier accounts are only available through your back unfortunately

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