Monzo Premium: World Elite MasterCard

I’ve just received my Premium card and spotted that it’s a World Elite MasterCard. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t spotted that my former Plus card had the World status until now either!

Having done a quick search, there seems to be a list of benefits that banks may offer on the World Elite card, but I don’t believe there is an obligation to offer all services. I could, however, be wrong about that. My question is, does anyone know if the card receives all benefits of having World Elite card, and if not, is there a definitive list of what having a World Elite MasterCard means for Monzo customers?

I think it’s been covered before search the forum it should bring up the posts

Hi Adam & welcome :wave:,

Basically, ‘World Elite’ is a card ‘level’ issued by Mastercard with benefits (travel/lounge/etc), but the bank that issues the card offer the benefits, not Mastercard. Sort of confusing I know…

Thanks David.

I therefore assume that the offer of phone and travel insurance covers Monzo’s obligation regarding the label on the card?

It makes much more sense in that case, as it would be strange for a bank not to advertise available features.


I don’t think Monzo participates in any of the benefits provided by MasterCard.

They moved to that tier because it benefitted them internally somehow - a staff member explained it once.

From the explanation though; to get that status on the card the bank has to do some things.

What are they doing for the Premium card?

I could be reading that wrong mind you.

Travel insurance & airport lounge access are probably the qualifying criteria for the ‘World Elite’ level of card.