Monzo Plus/Premium: Offers

Thanks just contacted them

no idea… I did just to make sure and it worked :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing too!

Also a Freetrade customer already, but clicked the link and I have a free share queued too.

For those asking about whether you need to top up, I got a splash screen with a list on it of something like:

  • Register via link (least sure on this one)
  • Open account
  • Fund account
  • Receive free share

The first three were all ticked off / crossed out, and it said I would get my free share soon.

So it seems to have been happy enough that I had previously topped up.

Will report back if I also get the other two once the first one hits my account.

(Very happy with this after all my complaining about the offer not being open to existing Freetrade customers, so long as I don’t lose my shares when they get round to fixing this apparent glitch…)


Thanks, I remember seeing something like this but as I did it so quickly, I couldn’t remember.

Also after the first share is awarded, it did take a couple of days for the 2 pending to show

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Just tried emailing Freetrade myself but they’re now saying that it only applies to new customers :frowning:

Oh no! I’d never loaded money on the account before but I opened it years ago. Maybe I somehow ticked a “new …. again” box somehow.

@mikez thats the same replay I had as well.

I have to say that I wasn’t particularly confident that it would work but if you don’t ask…

Very true my thoughts exactly.

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Just confirming I got my first free share (value £3.34) and have two more pending! (As an existing Freetrade customer)

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Has anyone here gotten lucky and got the £200 on a share, or even on all 3 shares :eyes:

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3 shares for me. All totalling £15 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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£35 in total for me and it has gone up a couple of pounds since too.


Mine add up to £12.38. Grateful… A lot better than nothing!

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My 3 free shares from Freetrade are doing well :sweat_smile:


Was going to give the £24 airport lounge access a go today, I needed somewhere to work for a few hours plus I needed to eat too.

Turns out the No 1 Lounge in Heathrow T3 is members and pre-book only because it’s at capacity (it’s a pandemic and there’s only one screen worth of flights on the board, but ok) and the Club Aspire lounge is closed.

Bit disappointing considering pre-booking is £6 on top of the £24 fee.

I’ve ended up spending £20 on food and drink anyway, so £24 would have been good value. It’s a bit of a shame really. Not sure I’ll try this again.

No1 lounges did this pre-book scan to effectively charge more money for a while now with priority pass, dragon pass, and many credit card passes. It is a way for them to charge more, cause they failed to negotiate a higher cut from all of those schemes but still want to advertise themselves to said schemes.

I think they only get £15 of the £24 fee, and want £6 more. Usually you can make the booking on the spot / on the way to the airport as the lounge is normally not actually full.

They get paid more through airlines that use them as their lounge.

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How often do the Monzo Plus offers get refreshed/updated? They’re a-bit dead if I’m totally honest


I dont think there has been an announced timeframe. We don’t even get notified when new ones are added/removed on the rare occasion that it happens.

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Based on trends I’d say, never?

Unless I’m mistaken they are the same now as they always were?