Premium account, but keep ONLY red card active


I’d like to move to a Premium account, but I want to keep my red card active. I work on a cruise ship outside of the UK, and I do NOT want to deactivate my red card. Also, I do NOT want a new metal card sent to my UK address, as no one will be there to collect it.

So, to confirm, I will be happy to pay the premium fee of $15 per month, and I want all the premium features, but I do NOT want a new card, and I need confirmation that my current red card will remain active.

You must be a UK resident to have a UK account.

You can upgrade and keep your current card.

P.S. it’s Coral, not red :weary:


Orange if you’re my brother. Pink if you’re my mom. I’m surprised the colours are still so inconsistent card to card.

Add mine into the mix and we have three shades of coral. But I digress, that’s not what this topic is for!


It was worth upgrading to Plus just to stop people saying “Ooh, I like the pink card” :rofl:

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The card is like marmite - which is, I suppose, the point. If nothing else it gets people talking and it gets Monzo noticed.

@Revels is right that you can keep your current card during an upgrade, but I think once your existing card reaches its natural expiry date it will get replaced with whatever type of card your Premium or Plus account comes with. So if you want to stick to coral “forever” you can only do that on a standard account (although that last bit doesn’t seem to be what you are worried about).

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Hi Sasha,

Thanks for the reply. I am a UK resident, with a UK address and a UK passport.

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Thanks, I thought that would be the case. But my question is: how?

If I go through the standard dialog on the app, I assume that a new card will be sent to me as part of the process. There are other people at my address (it’s a block of flats with a communal post box) and I cannot vouch for their honesty. So I’m very concerned that someone will find the new card, finesse a PIN number, and take control of my account.

So how do I alert Monzo to not send a new card?

They can’t do that. The card won’t work until it’s verified in the app.

But as you go through the process, you choose your card or not in your case. I can’t remember exactly where as it’s been a while since I did it.

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Ordering the card is optional during the upgrade flow.

You can click “skip/do this later”, and leave your current card active indefinitely.


Perfect. Thanks.!

Perfect reply! Thanks

Yes, I believe this step was added after feedback from early Plus users that it would be a good environmental option to not require users to order a new card.

So just watch out for that option during the upgrade flow!