Pre-authorisation with reversed authorisation = confusion

(Adam) #1

During my time in France, I visited a Petrol station which pre-authorised €100 and then instantly refunds the unused amount a few moments after filling up. This is where the confusion comes in.

If one didn’t know about the pre-authorised €100 amount and just looked at their account, it would seem to suggest that I didn’t actually pay and was actually paid. I have a couple of transactions like this which is confusing when glancing through the account activity.

Surly it would be best to either:

  • Charge the full €100 euro and leave the rest as it is
  • or remove the ‘credit’ amount altogether to make it easier to understand what has actually been taken from the :mondo: account and what has been credited.

Top up not calculated balance correctly
(Anne) #2

Hello! I have sort of a similar problem, but without the instant refund!
Did you get a reply from Monzo?

I love my Monzo card…!
I had no issues since this one. Can you help?

I bought some drinks at a vending machine in France with my contactless Monzo.
I have been debited 2x15 euros (although the price of the drinks was something like 3 euros!).
I contacted the vendor and they told me this is a ‘pre-authorisation’ fee, and that my bank should refund me. So the held 15 euros for each transactions.
What is this?
Will I get refunded? When?
Can Monzo notify your users about this practice? Or is it the vendor’s responsibility?
(it seems that it’s quite common, happens at petrol stations and some other vending machines).

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards


(Adam) #3

You will get the money back when the vendor collects the funds it will update to the correct amount. This is normally 3-5 working days.

(Anne) #4

Amazing ! Thanks for the update Adam!