Monzo Card for Purchasing Petrol Abroad

My plan is to use my monzo card whilst I am travelling in France to purchase petrol. I have read that a lot of “pay at pump” service stations take a security/pre-authorisation amount that is then refunded 24-48 hours later (I’m not sure if it technically comes out of your account).

My question is that if the petrol I purchase + the secure/pre-authorisation amount is greater than my account balance will I be charged any fees for entering my overdraft?

Pre auth leads to a pending transaction and charges aren’t applied unless the transaction has cleared so it’s ok

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Be warned though - the pending transaction is likely to appear in your feed as the full pre-auth amount, so although you won’t be charged for using your overdraft, don’t panic when it looks like you’ve spent much more than you were expecting to.

Just to add to the previous, helpful, comments - make sure you to keep receipts. If you have any petrol stations which don’t refund the ‘holding’ amount quickly then it will help chat get the money back to you :ok_hand:t2: