Hotel authorisations


I’m interested in knowing what might happen here:

I checked into a hotel on 1/1 and they took a pre-authorisation on Monzo for £750 (room rate + incidental deposit).

I checked out on 6/1 and they charged my card for £500 (the total bill) but they did not complete the pre-authorisation, it seemed to go through as a separate sale.

The hotel refunded my £750 a few minutes later on 6/1 but as a separate transaction (they did not appear to reverse the pre-authorisation).

So now in terms of my account balance, everything appears to be mathematically correct but in Monzo statement I have 3 transactions related to this:

  1. Pending transaction for £750 from 1/1
  2. Completed transaction for £500 from 6/1
  3. Completed refund for £750 from 6/1

I am wondering what will happen to 1) after 30 days, will it just disappear from my transaction history? Did the hotel (overseas) do something wrong? Will it get refunded (which will be an error)? As far as I am concerned I have the right amount of money and don’t want to have to deal with unexpected issues!

Thanks :slight_smile:

The pending transaction should settle in the next few days. Taken not refunded.


30 days max from Auth, chat can confirm.

It may just be visible on your part there’s two entries for the £750 but it’s actually settled against the initial but showing you otherwise.

The initial may just £0.00 off, odd though if they refunded £750, which could result in a deduction/refund again if it’s two transactions as you may get more than you are/were owed.


I had both transactions confirmed (-750 +750), or both falling off as rejected/cancelled/reversed.

It seems that card transactions are weird and have lots of status codes and messages.