PPI Robot Advert

What is the relevance of the decapitated robot head? Am I missing something?

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It’s an Arnie head on some kind of tracks. There have been a bunch of ads with it in. He does lots of “do it!” motivational quotes in a very Arnie voice. Bizarre, but no more odd than some other ads…


It worked very well, according to advertising metrics.

Well PPI is finishing soon so way less cold calls :crossed_fingers:


It’s to do with the time travel theme and Arnold being the Terminator

It’s designed to make you talk about the advert and raise awareness of that ‘weird PPI thing’ (the deadline is Aug 29th).

Looks like it worked! :wink:

Does anyone not know about PPI by now?

5 years of spam calls and TV adverts by claims companies makes me think even Amazonian tribes, previously undiscovered by the western world, have already looked if they have a claim

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How are you only just seeing/hearing about this? :see_no_evil: :smiley:

You’d be surprised… (I am currently working in PPI…)