Waiting for Payday

Woke up to a failed direct debit for car tax this morning. With payday 10 days away. This isn’t the best start to the day.
Might have to sell a kidney for money to raise.

Oh well😕

Did you have no money in the account?

Nope… unexpected bills took care of that.

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Hi @Stevemind, apologies if I’m missing something, but do you have an issue with how Monzo does Direct Debits?

Or do you not have the money (in any other account or Pot), that you could use for this failed Direct Debit?


I believe he’s just making conversation about having to wait for payday :frowning: Hopefully the next few days will fly by for you and it will be payday again :slight_smile:


Oh… I’m all for general chit chat, but this thread makes it look like Monzo has failed (there was a recent DD failure thread that DID have a Monzo failing associated with it - The notification timing).

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Sorry guys…just a rant about not having the money to cover this car tax.
It’s a case of more month than money. Monzo took it as set up, just no wonga :expressionless: