Pots - Sort Order

(Kris Rivers) #41

I’d like to see the ability to reorder the pots with and edit button so I can priorities them to my liking, I’d also prefer to be able to view them in alternative vertical list view that is compact with a few at a glance details.
The ability to move money directly in between pots would be nice also

Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

Dropped your post in to this idea post @Rivers

No updates yet but are aware

(Daniel) #44

I hit my 10 pot limit but still needed more pots… so now I currently only have 4 pots in Monzo as I started using my Starling account again for its pots. I now have 8 pots in Starling and 4 in Monzo. I use Starling for long term savings and Monzo for short term. I’ve also made the Starling account my rainy day ‘pot’. But none of that would show up in the data.

I’m hoping we get more pots, ability to rearrange pots and custom images so I can bring it all back into the Monzo app. Make the best possible product and people will use it.

(Peter Shillito) #45

I’m on 9 pots, but that’ll become 10 next month. Would appreciate the ordering and viewing a list rather than swiping for days :laughing:

(Mo) #46

At the moment when I want to re-order my pots, I delete them (moving all the money back to my main account) and then re-create them in the order I want. It’s a real pain. Please make them sortable


I have done the same.

Love Starling’s customisable and personal images. Just gives saving that bit more oomph.

The interest rate doesn’t com e into it for me as 0.5% is neither here or there.

B Savings have increased to 0.75% so my 1p there will see a big change over the next millennia or two lol

(Mark ) #48

Agree with both of you. I’ve hit 10 pot limit. Now resorting back to Starling.

(Beta User) #49

I’m SO close to moving to Starling purely for the Pots.

I asked Monzo if they could remove the 10 pot limit just for me as a special request and they could not.

Pots is one of the biggest features of Monzo, they really need to put more effort into them!

(MikeF) #50

The question is then, what do they sacrifice in order to spare the effort you want them to put in? Sadly, it’s impossible to do everything for everyone at the same time.

(Mo) #51

Perhaps they need to make the next big list?

(Dan) #52

Still no update on this? With savings pots coming this is really required!

(Tom) #53

Pots really do need some love, especially on iOS (Android doesn’t sound quite as bad?)

(Eric Zuur) #54

I have 3 pots. 1 for each of my kids. It would be awesome to use a picture of my kids instead of a color as I do now.

(Phil) #55

I love my pots, and would like a more pleasant way of moving between them: a grid or list to view each one would be nice. Just adding my thoughts and desire for a more pleasant experience with this.

(Lizzie) #56

Just wanted to add to this. Since I’ve been using monzo for over 3 months as my full current account, this is the thing that I would find super helpful!!
I have 10 pots and I only need to actively keep a check on about 3 of them. But due to the order of creation I’m scrolling through just to be able to check how much “spends” I have left. (I don’t find summary helpful for this at all)


Having all pots on one screen in a sortable list would be the ideal for me. Swiping through all these cards for no functional reason is maddening.

Reorganise pot order
(Lewis King) #58

Agreed, I really really dislike this scrolling design we have now, especially without re-ordering. I understand the design decision to “hide” away the money so you’re less likely to see it, but in reality having 10 pots is a pain.

(Alex) #59

Just chiming in that I would like to be able to sort my pots too, please! I’m using IFTTT with a few of them so I would really prefer not to have to delete them and recreate them, but having to swipe through all of them just to get to the pots I actually need to check is a bit tedious.


On the android app at least, the only way to change the order of pots is to delete and recreate them. With the recent addition of locked pots which cannot be deleted before a set date, this means that pots cannot easily be rearranged.

Having recently reorganised how I use my pots (weekly spending, savings for events, general savings), it would be much more convenient to be able to shift my weekly spending pots to the top, and the savings pots down.


I’ve moved your post to one of the existing threads on this idea, as you can see it’s very popular!

From screenshots shared by Monzo I reckon we will see this coming soon!