Pots - Sort Order

(Frank) #21

I would like to see pots under each other rather than swiping left/right to them. At the moment they just take up too much space when really they could use 1/3 or 1/4 what they do now.

(Peter) #22

Hi Simon, how do we register our ‘demand’ and how do you monitor it?

Drag/drop pot order sounds like a simple but brilliant idea to me. Personally I’ve already run into the issue of wanting to reorder pots (with normal names like Holiday, Savings, House etc.) and I’m a new Monzo user.

Even if it’s a setting for sort by: creation date/a-z/custom or something.

(Simon B) #23

I will share a link to this thread with the Product team :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @simonb is there any update in this one. I’m a newbie and sorting pots would make things so much easier. Thanks for your help

(Craig A Rodway) #25
  1. More than 10 pots.
  2. Custom images.
  3. Sortable (amount, alphabetic, custom).
  4. Grid view or two-column layout.

… all become possible, make sense, and would probably be much easier to manage if Pots gets a dedicated screen; rather than being tagged on the end of the Account page :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #26

Hi! :grinning:

I’m afraid there’s no updates on this right now. We do hope to make improvements to Pots in the future, but we haven’t yet committed to what those updates will be. Thanks for the feedback!

(Tim Chambers) #27

I love this idea. :raised_hands:t3:

I only have a handful of pots, but being able to reorder them so my ‘Car’ pot was the number 1 pot would be great. I could transfer my money out of the pots, and recreate them in the order I want … but that would upset my account page and my OCD. :rofl:

(Phil) #28

Maybe people would use more pots if they could reorder them?

As more features are added to pots, I think the ability to reorder them should be revisited.

(Jack) #29

Maybe the ability to collapse the pots into a list which looks like the feed items (small logo of the pot image then the name by it’s side)

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #30

All the above would be amazing. Thank you please :hugs::tada:

(David watson ) #31

Would definitely like to be able to reorder pots hope this feature gets built :blush::+1:

(EJ) #32

Yes me too! Reordering would definitely make pots more useful for different types of savings!

(Andy) #33

I would like to put myself down for being able to reorder pots some of my more important ones are at the end


Another pot request!

Would love to be able to add specific amounts rather than the increments available. For example, if I get paid £62 for a job and want to transfer it into a pot, I can only choose £60 or £70 which is annoying. Typing in any amount for transfer would be really handy.

LOVE the pots though. Such a great feature :slight_smile:

Thank you! :raised_hands:t3::heart_eyes:

(Stuart Leader) #35

You can already :hushed:
Instead of the plus and minus buttons, tap on the number itself and you’ll be able to specify an exact amount.


Ha ha definitely would have never figured that out :joy: Amazing, thanks so much!

(Colin Robinson) #37

Yeah, not very user discoverable is it!

Maybe if the amount, as well as the +/- buttons were the same colour?


Yes I would love to be able to reorder pots, and most definitely would love a collapsed view, it’s crazy having to scroll through so much dead space trying to get to the pot you want.
I haven’t hit a limit to the number of pots I have but I can see that I will soon as I remember more things I need to tuck money away for so an increase in the number available too would be great.


Loads of people seem to miss this functionality until they get told on the forum (I was one of those people!). Maybe this information should be included in the pot tutorial thing that pops up when you create a pot. Could fit in nicely in this part:

(Reu) #40

regardless of the amount of pots they are handy… I find I forget about the pots at the end so If I can move my savings pot to the end so I don’t see it… I’m trying to pay off debts so personally it would make a big difference to me.