How Pots help you reach your goals 🍯 August 2023 updates

Hello everyone! :wave: Back again with this month’s updates:

Imagine you’re trying to cook something without knowing any ingredients or steps. It might eventually work out, but it’s probably better if you had a recipe.

The same can apply to your money – if you don’t have the info you need, your financial decisions could end up half-baked :pie:

That’s why it’s important to have a clear view of your finances. We made it even easier for you to see what’s going on with your money, with these updates:

A clearer overview with the new Home screen :house_with_garden:

Notice something different about your Monzo app? We have a new Home screen! :sparkles:

This new Home was designed to give you a clearer and more convenient view of your finances. You can personalize the layout so you see the info that’s most important to you.

Get to know the new Home screen in our blog post.

Improved Pots screen :honey_pot:

The Home screen isn’t the only thing that’s different. Pots got a new look too!

We realize how important Pots are in helping you set money aside for the things that matter to you. So we’ve redesigned them for better visibility and access, along with something else to help you get more from Pots…

Cover your expenses and pay directly from Pots :potted_plant:

Pots do more than just help you set money aside - you can also use them to pay for things!

Paying directly from Pots will help you stay organized and keep track of money coming in and out.

You can spend by merchant, by category, or both from the same Pot. Or create a separate Pot for each merchant and category. For example, you may choose to group your subscriptions together and pay for Netflix, Spotify, and Panera Sip Club all from one Pot.

Learn more about paying from Pots in our latest blog post

And check out this blog post to see how to set up an envelope budget with Pots.

No more transfer limits between your Monzo accounts :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

You’re no longer limited in how much money you can move between your personal and joint Monzo accounts. It’s your money and you’ll do what you want to :muscle:

Previously, moving money between your accounts counted towards your daily transfer limit, which happened over 5,000 times in the last 3 weeks :exploding_head:

Financial visibility is important for managing your money. When you have a clear view of your finances, you can create a financial recipe that aligns best with your goals.

As always, let us know what else would make it better for you using the feedback form in the app.