A dashboard for our pots

Hey guys!
Just thought I’d drop an idea here. Can we have one page where we can see and manage all of our pots? It’s my favorite feature on Monzo and the reason I fully migrated but having to swipe left forever to find a specific one is so annoying.
Would be great to have a dashboard or something where I can look at all of them at the same time and move money from one to the other as I need to.


Hi. Welcome.

There’s an overview that lists all your pots? Swipe up from your account.

Looks like this…

Pot to Pot transfer is something that’s heavily requested. You can vote for it here…

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100% agree, I think the windows tile format would work well here and most screens I think would work well with 3 or 4 columns and probably 7 rows therefore giving more than enough screen space for this to work.


Definitely helpful, thanks! I think i have something more in-depth in mind but this is definitely helpful.
I’d love to be able to change the order of the pots as well! Who knows, maybe some day :slight_smile:

You can do that on this screen too :slight_smile:

Press the pencil (edit) icon in the top right and drag them into whatever order you like - you can even hide/unhide them here too. This will also take effect on the carousel when you’re swiping through them.


I like the list format, but I think they’d be unlikely to change to tiles as that might make it a bit toooo Starling.

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My starling is list style too. Just with bigger images :man_shrugging:

I’ve never used it, I was just going by screenshots I’d seen :man_shrugging:

Is it not like this anymore?

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I far prefer that although there is alot of wasted space, so shrinking the boxes would be a great way forward. :slight_smile:

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Ahhh fantastic! Thank you :heart_eyes:

Not on android

No it’s list format on mine, had the account maybe 8 months and always know it to be a list with images.

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