Pots not unlocking past unlock date

Set a pot to unlock on the 31st January 2022. It’s now the 3rd Feb and the pot is still locked.
Details to reproduce:
Locked pot and waited for expiration
Android 12
Pixel 4
App Version:

Can you delete it?

I can, but that defeats the point of setting an end date.

I understand your concerns however as said above deleting it should unlock it. You can delete it then un achieve it. It’ll be like you never deleted it.

We are just a community forum so no one on here can unlock it for you sadly.

But this is the place to report bugs isn’t it?


It is, I’m sure someone will pick this up and feed it back :yum:

I think the above were just trying to help if you were unable to access your funds.

Okay, well I’ve just checked it again, and it’s now unlocked. So just seemed incredibly delayed, unless Monzo have already made changes
I’m going to lock another pot and see if it happens again or whether this was a one off. Won’t mark it as resolved yet.