Locked pots question

I locked my pot until December 31st

But it says that it’s locked until December 31st 2019

I know the specs of the feature state that the pot will be locked till midnight of that day, which will technically be 2019 I am not sure if it’s a bug. Can anyone confirm?


No midnight champers for you, you’ll need to wait an extra year !




Amazing, this is what I was hunting for :+1:. I’ll contact support I guess

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Is it possible you overscrolled when setting the date, which advanced the year to 2019 with you noticing?

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Most likely

Just an FYI on Android it seems to say Dec 31 2019 after I select Dec 31 2018

But it says that Dec 31 2019 is 15 days away.


Might be easier to say the pots will unlock at 23:59 on the date chosen just to get rid of confusion.

P.S. Why is the ‘Nice, that’s 15 days’ away so small? It’s a pretty useful bit of information.


Yup I’m on an Android

Yeah. It’s all a bit unclear. Feel like it should be worded ‘Unlock Pot on:’ rather than ‘Lock Pot until:’.

Confirmation would be great, too. ‘This pot will unlock on 28th December 2018 at midnight. That’s 12 days away. You will have to contact us to unlock earlier. Confirm/Cancel’

A countdown timer of some sort would be very appreciated too.

And again, intergration with my existing calendar would be awesome.


Strictly, midnight on any given day is the very first second of the day so the 23:59 unlock idea is a good one. It makes it a lot clearer when the pot will unlock as well as avoiding the date threashold issues described here.


Android seems to default to 2019 year when you select 31st December. So let’s see if I can get access in a couple of weeks or a year away!

Thing is, the pot should unlock at the beginning of the day selected (00:00) not the end of the day selected (23:59, 24 hours later).

Even though I know what you’re suggesting, there’s still ambiguity there, because people always confuse midnight and incorrectly place midnight at the end of a day, rather than the start of the next.

This is compounded by Monzo using “locked until”, a passive statement, instead of “unlock on” which is a positive action.

Monzo doesn’t need to specify a time. It should simply say “On 31st December 2018, your Pot will unlock.”

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OK, I see what you mean. With just a date deleted, that’s the day I’d expect to get the money out on so first thing in the morning would be assumed in the language.

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Definitely this.

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I would be interested whether Monzo would have enough room in the app to be able to put an accurate countdown timer for my emergency pot.

There are 2,915,008 days left until 31 Dec 9999

I really like this idea! Is it something that is likely to happen do we know?

Thread resurrection.

Understand your point, but equally you could suggest the pot unlock at 00:01.

Pot unlocks at 00:01 31st Dec '18 completely negates any ambiguity of midnight 31st Dec meaning

* 00:00, the minute immediately prior to 00:01 31st December; vs
* 00:00, the minute immediately prior to 00:01 1st Jan (which some people may assume to be ‘midnight’ of Dec 31st.

Whilst I understand 00:00 to mean the am of the given date, it does leave ambiguity.

Edit: Scrap everything I wrote, I just re-read it and your idea is better.

Unlock pot on: “insert date scroll”


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