Pots not automatically unlocking

I’ve got several pots which to my understanding should auto unlock on the date specified and they don’t.

Details to reproduce: I have to withdraw and archive the pot. I changed a date in a pot for day tomorrow and still same issue
OS: Apple iOS 14.8
Device: IPhone 12
App Version: 4.5

Screenshots: screen shot below shows app still locked even though it’s today’s date

I think it’s midnight tonight that it unlocks :thinking:

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@Rat_au_van is correct. As soon as the clock passes midnight tonight and the date flips to the 28th, any pot with a ‘Locked Until 27 Oct 2021’ date set will unlock.

Stating ‘Locked Until [the end of] 27 Oct 2021’ would be more accurate.

Tried to get mention of a glass slipper, a pumpkin coach & a couple of ugly sisters in there, but failed on a grand scale.


Absolutely this.

I don’t lock pots, but if I had locked a pot until the 27th, I’d expect, in the absence of any other information, to have access today.


Ahhh okay this is very interesting and annoying! Will make some changes and see what happens. Thanks for the help.

In fact, just went to check now and it’s unlocked :woman_shrugging:t2: So now I really don’t know what causes it. Will keep an eye on my others. I have weekly pots which I set to unlock on Fridays to manage my spending so will check back again soon.