✅ Bills pot that you can assign direct debits to

I find myself needing another account with another bank to segregate my money to spending and bills.
I could switch fully to monzo if i could set aside a chunk of money into a pot that i could then assign direct debits to so they come out of a specific pot.

This should then mean that any direct debits (or potentially transactions from individual vendors) would come out of whichever pot theyre assigned to. You could have pots for bills and rent, one for online shopping or food shopping etc. This would not only help me to stick to my targets, but it would do this with far more ease and common sense and less effort than any of the monzo budgeting features because it takes all thought away from having to manage my recurring payments. As long as the money goes in on payday, i dont have to think about my bills for the rest of the month whatever date the are scheduled. I have peace of mind knowing theres enough in that pot to cover my commitments.

Also being able to switch between these pots for card spending would be fantastic.
If im going on a night out i can tell the app that all of my spending for the next 12 hours should come from my socialising pot.

Please consider this because i think its the one feature lacking in making this banking system truly ‘smart’

This feature has been suggested previously. You can vote for it here:

NB: At the time of writing, Committed Spend pots are the most voted for feature on the Monzo community.

This feature has also been suggested previously. You can vote for it here:


My bad, thanks! voted!

Just looking at the other threads, the community has been asking for this very useful feature for over a year and as far as I’m aware there has been no further development or no further information is this feature will ever be implemented, perhaps someone could advise on a timescale or if its being worked on even.

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At the end of this blog post

" What’s next?

We’ll keep working to make it easier to manage your bills through Monzo. And we’ve got lots more ideas to come! What if you could set up a dedicated Pot to put your committed spending money aside, and transfer it into your balance for each payment? Watch this space…
However this isnt really what people are asking for and can be done in IFTTT now.

And that was August 2018 !!

Also to add

  • IFTTT can’t do that
  • It’s what a lot of people are asking for and it’s the most highly saught feature that people have voted for


It would be fantastic to at least have scheduled payments (direct debits/standing orders) to come out of a specific pot each month.

Yes they have made it possible to schedule a pot to move funds back to the ‘main’ account but this isn’t the same thing.

It seems like this idea is something so simple that I would have expected it to be about of the Monzo offering already! Fingers crossed we hear more about it soon…

edit: I must add it sounds simple but I have no idea if it’s simple to implement.

I mean the money in your account isnt literally in another account when its in a pot so surely instead of getting ifttt to do it all they have to do is this;

direct debit is requested
check the amount
move money from pot to main account
accept direct debit
money goes from main account

theres zero need for us to have to see the money going from pot to main account. Plus ive literally had to set up 15 individual ifttt recipes to do this when in reality im certain it can be done hell of alot simpler using features they already have, just in a different order.

just putting it out there that if another online bank implements this feature theres absolutely no question that id move my account immediately.

Do you have an irregular income? Summary is designed to manage your committed spend. And works if you get paid monthly.

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Summary does nothing other than give notifications.
If this is a truly smart banking system then the system should be able to take care of the repetitive payments made month on month. It already knows they are coming. The only reason i can see this not being a feature is that if this existed people would be less likely to be in overdraft and therefore monzo make less money. Otherwise its an unrivalled feature for money management.

I couldn’t disagree more. Summary knows what I have coming in and out and when. It then gives me a left to spend figure. It makes no difference whether my committed spend comes out of a DD pot or my main account, I have the same left to spend figure. You can set budgets for different categories to include non committed spend such as groceries or travel etc.

This works for me because I have a regular monthly income. I can see a benefit of having automatic transfers from certain pots for transactions of a certain type. And there needs to be improvements for those with irregular or non monthly incomes.


I don’t like having money in my main account that I cannot spend as I pay myself weekly spends from a Discretionary pot. Therefore money for bills needs to be away from my main account in order to stop me spending it ‘by mistake’. I also don’t like to manually move money about to pay an upcoming bill when it is due. I like it all automated so that I don’t have to think about it.

When I went full Monzo a few months ago, I had to arrange my pots to accommodate my automatic system I had with my old two bank accounts system (a billing account and a spending account). It wasn’t that hard, but debits from pots would make my life simpler. Especially when I need to adjust things.


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Youve missed the point entirely and i think being the most voted for feature, others would agree with me here. Having a pot with your direct debits assigned means you literally cant spend that cash on your card unless you manually go in and move the money. Its literally the holy grail of money management and is the ideal use of pots other than saving. By segregating your money into spending, committed spending and savings within the one account there would be very few reasons to ever be in short term debt.

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Agreed, it makes more sense than any of the other monzo money management features. Your setup is similar to mine but ive done it via IFTTT. All the data that is needed is already there. They just need to connect it properly.

I just don’t get why a single left to spend figure doesn’t work. I get how a bit of friction is another barrier but does a red banner saying you are £XX over your monthly budget not enough?

P. S I’m not knocking the idea of a separate pot I’m just trying to understand why the current functionality doesn’t work and if there is something else I’m not seeing that may be better.

The current functionality only works if youre constantly checking the app and your phone for your budget. The point, for me at least, of having a connected bank is that it should operate basically autonomously and manage my money for me.

By having direct debits assigned to a separate pot that is replenished on each payday, you end up with an amount on your card thats spendable and you can sleep well knowing that all of your bills are covered by the debit pot so you cant accidentally spend money you actually may need for a utility bill or phone bill or something.

The summary whilst it gives you a figure, you still need to remember to not spend more than that figure. Whereas thi way you physically cant spend the money that you require to live.

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That’s extremely dangerous.

You should always be keeping an eye on your finances, tweaking, saving, budgeting. There isn’t a one size fits all type of service for your bank account and your spending is always changing. So as soon as you stop checking and rely on automation you’ll quickly find yourself in serious trouble.


How is it ANY different from having a separate bank account for bills? It isnt. I still have to transfer the money into it. Millions of people already do this including monzo users and its the exact reason its the most voted for feature. But monzo has the capability to do this within the one account.

If i know my income and know the total of my commited spending then transferring the money to a separate pot is absolutely the same as moving it to a separate account. The only difference is i dont have atm or payment access to that cash thats been set aside for debits.

Am i not explaining this correctly?