Pots History

(Tomé Gouveia) #1

I love pots, but it would be cool if there could be a list of transfers to/from a particular pot, sort of like a debit log for each pot. Aslo applicable to the coin jar. Would be helpful to track down the filling up of the pots. Also would be cool to be able to set up regular pay-day boosts to a particular pot

(Kenny Grant) #2

Pots need transaction feeds (what you describe), scheduled transfers, direct debits. All that means pots need to be bank accounts. Maybe one day they’ll do that :slight_smile:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

on iOS - try search function , put in the name of the pot and it will give you an exportable list of the debits and credits

works for Coin Jar as well :slight_smile:

(Ian Lyon) #4

For what it’s worth, the Breakdown feature we’re working on (replacement for the Spending tab as it currently is) will show you more detail on the activity of your Pots on a per Pot basis :ok_hand:

@iansilversides idea is great in the meantime!

(Jolin) #5

Ian, you have made my day. :smile:

(Mega Charizard) #6

On Android pretty much the same. Search name of pot and it’ll come up. Also if you click the pot on feed you can see transactions… By clicking ‘Number of withdrawals’

So for example I click that and it has a list of every withdrawal and deposit I’ve put into said pot… E.g.

Which I think covers what you’re asking for.

(#savetheseabass) #7

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(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #8

Me too. I wasn’t aware that tattoos could be deleted, either.


Pulsed Laser treatment, with frequency/wavelength varied depending on the colour of the tattoo ink.

(Mega Charizard) #10

I have monthly laser removal to get rid of tattoos on my arms I got when I was drunk and 16/17


I am thinking of getting a tattoo done, would you advise against it?

(Mega Charizard) #12

Really depends. I have quite a few tattoos. It’s just I got some shit ones on both my arms just over ten years ago which just aren’t me anymore.

What you thinking of getting? How long have you wanted it for?

Tattoo removal however is really expensive. It’s £80 for one arm. And it needs at least 12 sessions on each arm. So that’s more money than I’d like to work out…


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(Brandon Billingham) #15

How painful is it?

(Mega Charizard) #16

More painful than getting a tattoo but still manageable