Pots for joint accounts


I like the idea of what Bunq do. I wonder though, whether it’s a bit too much of the advanced class for what Monzo’s trying to build?


It’s a simpler and more elegant solution…

Is Monzo aiming for second class?! :slight_smile:


I didn’t say that! I meant that they are after an elegant solution to make money work for most people.

I haven’t used Bunq but it strikes me that it might be a bit more focused on the power user and therefore bring in some complexity?


On the contrary, I think it’s a lot easier to use and understand. Try the premium package for the free month and see!


I’d love to, but I’m not overly keen on that business model - and I’d heard some negative feedback about canceling. So I think I’ll pass for now! :slight_smile:


Yes, their onboarding has confused a lot of people.
Just go with the Premium for the first month.
Cancelling is just one tap in the app.

Of course, if you don’t use Euros, it’s pointless anyway


I’m in the market for a replacement euro account. I’m thinking Starling atm, though…


There’s really not much to lose just trying it out.
Bunq at least is up and running right now.
The confusion with Premium trial was partly that people just can’t believe they will send you three cards and let you open 25 full accounts, then let you downgrade before paying anything. But that’s because their offering has been aimed more at expats, I think.

Only useful for Sepa transfers for most UK users though, so best as a free account in conjunction with Transferwise or Revolut into eg Monzo. Just use the trial month to open those 25 accounts.

Who knows how long we’ll be waiting for Starling…

(Helen) #69

Also, waiting for news on joint pots. Keen to see this feature added asap as signed up for a joint account without realising this wasn’t live yet.

(Richard Worth) #70

To me this is a CRITICAL feature that I NEED to continue using Monzo the way I and my future wife want to.

(Andy) #71

Its coming :soon:

(Mo) #72

That’s been said since JAs were released from labs. Every time I see the :soon: emoji now I feel like I’m being fobbed off.

I appreciate all the hard work that’s going on, but it’s as though Monzo staff sometimes ignore the difficult forum posts. Tell me it’s 6 months away, next year, whatever, but ignoring the question or telling me :soon: when it clearly isn’t is frustrating!

And breathe…

In case it’s not clear, I’m not having a go at you specifically @glasgow. I appreciate all your efforts on here

(Si Robins) #73

Hi, I’ve been using Monzo for several months now and it’s awesome. I love the features, the community feedback loop and the transparent roadmap. My wife is coming round to how great it is. Joint account pots would totally seal the deal. At the moment I’ve got the pots created in her personal account with scheduled payments into them but I have to manually transfer money from the join account to hers so that there’s actually some in there to pay into the pot. The only way I can automate that is by scheduling a payment from our joint account to her personal account using a standing order. So I guess scheduled payments between joint and personal accounts would be awesome too.

Joint pots first though!

(Chris Herbert) #74

Would love to know a little bit more about what “soon” means.

Weve recently swapped to a joint account but looks like pots seem a bit fobbed off at the moment?

Any indication as to when this will be pushed out?

Tomorrow? Next week? Before Christmas? Next year?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #75

Haha you’ll see the :soon: emoji everywhere. From my experience it means that they acknowledge that it needs to be done but they haven’t scoped it out fully or decided when/where it fits into their roadmap so they can’t give a date.

(Ian Walker) #76

Hi Guys.

Full Monzo’d over from 25 years with HSBC. Told the missus that pots was one of the main reasons. I assumed it would have been in there having seen and used it for my personal account.

Help a lad out.

She’s asking what we setting up, I can only put her off for so long. Haven’t seen this in your upcoming sprints. If it gets more that 2 months, I my get bin bagged.

  • Pots for Joint Accounts

Desperate from Liverpool

(Andy) #77

We are all hoping for before the end of the year but at the moment it’s unlikely to be before then :disappointed_relieved:

Pots need fully rebuilt to support joint accounts and all the plans Monzo have of them so it’s taking its time to get all this done and work through outstanding problems.

(Ian Walker) #78

Cheers for the quick reply. I did have a look on your Trello Roadmao board.

Noticed nothing on Short & Medium Term and then Long Term had Shared Pots. I considered this a different thing from Joint Pots.

So it doesn’t look like Shared Pots is on the Roadmap at all.

Anyway again thanks for the quick reply and I best get explaining to the missus what’s gone on and see how it goes.

(Mo) #79

@eyedoubleyou this was the recent update that @tjvr posted in case it helps…

(Andy) #80

Monzo haven’t been actively updating the Trello roadmap as they are building a new roadmap and tools to support this hence why it’s not on it. The post quoted by @Terra_cotta is the latest status from Monzo