Pots for joint accounts

(Danae) #41

Yay for joint account pots - can’t wait til it’s ready! Keep up the good work Monzo - smashing the exact kinds of features people want!

(Marco) #42

Love my Monzo & my Monzo joint account (which I just activated today :grin:)

Just adding my voice for joint account pots.

(Paul) #43

Pots for JA too please :soon:

(Harry Wright) #44

Another +1 for joint account pots, my partner and I just set up a joint account and it was the first thing I looked for!
Otherwise super happy with the service so far :+1:, keep up the hard work.

(Adam Kendrew) #45

Is there a technical issue as to why the JA didn’t launch with Pots?

(Duncan) #46

I’m not up-to-date on this, and I too thought that they were being worked on. However, “shared pots” is in the “Long Term” column of the roadmap (i.e. more than 12 months away) - not sure if that reflects reality?

(MikeF) #47

Shared pots and Joint account pots are two different things I think. Pots for joint accounts is on the next list of things being worked on according to this:

(Steven K) #48

Hi guys. Only just signed up for an account on the forum here, but was compelled to do so for this very discussion. JA pots is currently the blocker for me being able to switch to Monzo and wanted to add my voice to everyone calling for it. Could easily be silenced in my mind with a schedule for release.

(James Murray-Ferris) #49

I have to say I’m missing pots on Joint Account I wouldn’t have thought that different to individual account pots in my simplistic view of the world but I really am missing them it’s a pain doing multiple transfers

(Owain Williams) #50

Yes please. Really struggling without pots in our joint account. I say “really struggling “it’s all relative !

(Richard Worth) #51

Can we possibly get an update on this?.

(Steve) #52

Keen for this myself. I have a financial plan I want to put in place and pots are key to its success. I guess its just a matter of time.

(Bethany Gordon) #53

We are really keen to see pots on our joint account. Loving having the joint account but struggling to use it well without having pots! Please let us know when this is planned to happen! (Hopefully soon!)

(Daniel White) #54

I’m about to switch our Joint Account from Starling after the killing of the community and Pots is my biggest sticking point as it’s been so helpful for us.

The only other one being this whole not categorising supermarket fuel correctly!

(Tim) #55

Pots for JA would key for me if I ever were going to switch from Starling. They are incredibly helpful on Starling.


Surely I’m not alone in thinking it would have been easier just to assign every user x full accounts instead, some if which could be joint, then magically “pots” would have all these features we are wishing for.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #57

I’m not sure I understand fully so bare with me.

Each person is allowed 10 pots maximum, so you’re saying everyone should have 10 accounts that can then act as pots?


10 accounts that you can do anything with. You could decide account 3 is your savings, account 2 is linked to the card for card spend, account 1 is for income and account five is a joint account with your significant other.
This is what bunq offers and it’s really good.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #59

Ok thanks for helping me understand :slight_smile:

Not sure how bunq do it but if I applied for 10 accounts all at once my credit rating would plummet through the floor. I assume they’re just “ghost accounts” and not physical accounts each with their own account number?


No, they have individual unique account numbers.

Bunq multiple accounts