Pots for joint accounts

(Kelvin Papp) #21

Less of the aggression / self-righteousness would be nice :roll_eyes:

Yes they are in beta, but pots are an integral part of the regular account experience - it’s unsurprising that people will ask / expect them to be present on the Joint Account. Beta or otherwise. There was no chasing, it was a genuine (and innocent) question posed out of interest…

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #22

wow! Pot kettle much? Please don’t be so judgemental.

I expressed an opinion just like yourself and everyone else. If you want to read into it more than what was intended then you need to have a word with yourself. Perhaps you’ve had too much internet time for today.

(MikeF) #23

Not responding to the tone of posts is quite a sensible guideline in the code of conduct here that it’s worth following.

(Kelvin Papp) #24

i.e. “Don’t feed the trolls” :upside_down_face: Noted :grinning:

(Kelvin Papp) #25

Not at all, you’re entitled to your opinion… schooling as to the definition of “beta” was unnecessary though, as was the inference that others shouldn’t ask what they perceive to be legitimate questions. This is a forum after all…

All of that said, I’ll refer you to my comment above and leave it there. I’ve no interest in getting drawn into a debate on what is / isn’t allowed, I’ll leave that to the moderators :+1:

All the best and each to their own :slight_smile:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #26

You can’t assume everyones technical knowledge so the definition was taken from another website for those who aren’t aware or may have been misinformed. This was purely to support the statement that I was making and to help people understand why things aren’t changing. If you read back through this thread you will see the tone has changed from people requesting things to expressing frustration.

While we’re on the subject of moderators I’ll direct you to the below quote that was a reply to my original comment:

I’ll say it again… You’re looking into it far to much and you have taken the whole thing out of context so much so that your comment about trolls doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

(Micky) #27

I can’t see any obvious signs of frustration by the users that have posted above. Just people stating how keen they are for the feature and what plans there might be for development of it. Being a community forum where feedback is appreciated I can’t see a problem with that

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #28

I agree entirely. There isn’t any problem with that at all :slight_smile:

(Kelvin Papp) #29

I’m reluctant to take this thread any further off topic, but since you replied…

Context is subjective when it comes to posting on / reading Internet forums as I’m sure you’ll appreciate. If I took your post out of context I apologise, but if you take an objective view and read your reply back I think you might appreciate why it got my back up… Highlighting the obvious as if I (and others) are idiots, “educating” us using dictionary definitions, and very clearly getting irate at what was ultimately a reasonable question. My post wasn’t expressing frustration, nor was it written without me first doing my own background/ homework on what I was asking.

As above, I have no interest in any sort of spat on here. These forums are far too useful / valuable so please, let’s just leave it there and put it down to the misunderstanding that it seems to be.

My “troll” comment was tongue in cheek… in case you missed the emoji :stuck_out_tongue:

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I suppose this is the downside of a forum, in that you can read anything in any tone you like . I can’t say that I haven’t been guilty of it myself :smiley:

I too don’t want to get into a keyboard war so let’s hug it out and move on :hugs:


I am really hoping when the pots are released for joint accounts (waiting patiently!! :slight_smile: ) they include the top up / coin jar feature!

(Daniel O Williams) #32

Also looking forward to this feature. This will allow us to move over a load dog other stuff and make it our main family account.

(Johan Lantz) #33

I want to bump the concept of being able to share pots, without sharing accounts. Me and my wife want our main accounts to be separate, but would like to share pots for travels, savings etc.

To me, this is a must-have feature to bring Monzo in par with high-street banks who offer similar functionality.


I have no need for a joint account, or indeed joint pots, but this is news to me. What sort of functionality are you thinking of on the high-street?

(Ahmed Hmeid) #35

My wife keeps asking if they’ve brought pots yet to the joint account. She’s refusing to switch fully until they’re there. I wish there was official communication if it’s a) being worked on/in the roadmap b) an estimated eta, even a vague one

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #36

They are being worked on and if you got a response on an eta then you would probably just get this emoji :soon: :rofl: :wink:

(Oliver Weedon) #37

yep. We’ll need pots on joint acc to move over from our current bank. i know the workaround is a pot in the personal acc but we lose he overview we want then.

(Paul) #38

For me, no pots wasn’t a deal breaker for going full joint Monzo… since our legacy bank didn’t have any feature like that. But it would be great to get an indication from Monzo whether we’re looking at weeks, or months, or more… A bit of info about what issues they’re working to overcome would certainly satisfy the geekier Monzo fans among us!

(Simon Dean) #39

I would like to also add my voice to the pots for joint discussion.

Very happy that Monzo have joint accounts now and in my complete naivety assumed that pots were par for the course.

Nevertheless, this is something we would love to have to save up for holiday!

Thanks for all the hard work guys.

(Laura ) #40

Just to add my voice to the many… can’t wait for joint account pots!! My partner and I have signed up for a joint account in preparation… but can’t really use until pots are there. Thanks!