Potential Bug

(Dave Mellor) #1

I have a software bug to report. Am retired developer.

I have Monzo account. When I run your banking app on my mobile it keeps on telling me (after installation) that it will get me a current account by Jan!!!

So, the uninstall isn’t clean. It is leaving persistent data somewhere that insists I don’t have an account with Monzo. This is a serious bug (I’d major flag it in bugzilla, honest guv’).

I am windows mostly so on that platform I’d check registry etc. Then install Shield but I cannot debug for you!l

Nor do I have bugzilla login for your software. So I want this report to be delivered to best place. Hope you can help.


PS: As a contractor I’m always open to distant i.e online only, work. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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(Jolin) #2

After installation, are you entering your email address when you first run the :monzo: app? Or are you saying that you get a message immediately on running a freshly-installed Monzo app? And what is the precise message you are getting?

(Stephen Spencer) #3

Are you on Android? Some apps (including Monzo) set up “Accounts” that are system level and don’t get removed when you uninstall the relevant app. Try going into settings and deleting that if it’s there?

But as per @jzw95 I don’t quite understand your problem. What kind of account do you have? If you have no account, a promise to get you one by Jan seems reasonable! But what’s the reinstalled app telling you (and when) and what are you expecting to see instead? Like a proper bug report, although I’m not sure anyone except Mozilla use Bugzilla any more!

(Hugh) #4

Android has a very helpful feature called Automatic Restore (that can be disabled in settings) which stores app data in the cloud so if you lose your phone or reinstall an app, certain data is kept cached to prevent you needing to input it again.

That’s probably what is happening here :slight_smile: