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(georgian lungu) #1

Hi i have problems with my monzo account,customer service told me that i have a bug and it will be solved,can somebody help me with some advices

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Account bug
(Alex Sherwood) #2

Hi Georgian, the customer support team probably are the best people to help with this.

But if you could share some details about the issue & whether you’re using the Android or iOS app then we might be able to suggest some workarounds for the bug :slight_smile:

(Brenda Wong) #3

Hi @lungu! @alexs is right - we’re here to help! The best way to get in touch if you have a bug that messes up your access to the app is to get in touch with us with the email address you signed up to Monzo with at :+1: We try to be as speedy as we can, so give us a shout and we’ll sort you out.

(georgian lungu) #4

hi everytime when i try to refreah doesnt refresh,i can’t use my card i dont know what to do,i use android phone,samsung s8 plus

(Alex Sherwood) #5

I’m sorry to hear that, this doesn’t sound like something that other users in the community can help with I’m afraid but I’m sure that the support team will take care of this!

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(Mega Charizard) #6

Yes this is not an issue with my Galaxy S8+.

Maybe check you have updated your system to the latest Android version. Check all apps are up to date on the Play Store.

Also run ‘Device Maintenance’ and press ‘Optimise Now’ . it looks like this…

And then restart the phone…

If this doesn’t help uninstall Monzo app and reinstall.

(georgian lungu) #7

Hi people i need help my account still not working,when i spooked with customer service they said that i have a bug and it will be solved account have now 7 days,my money are stuck,and nobody answers me for 2 day at least to find out an update

(Naji Esiri) #8

Hey @lungu so sorry for the delay! I’m going to look into this for you now - have just sent you a DM for a few details :+1:

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(georgian lungu) #9

Hi i really need help,why my account doesnt work,when i try to refresh shows that “Sorry there was a problem.Pls contact us if the problem continues.”.7 days ago somebidybfrom customer service told me that i have a bug and it will be solved,but i need the account my money are stuck overhere,also nobody reply to me back,everybody says to wait and in one hour u will have a response and after … no answer

(Richard Cook) #10

Hi again. We’re looking into this, and someone will be in touch soon.

(Peter McDonald) #11

@cookywook wouldn’t it be best to have a word with the people looking after the ticket. I find “also nobody reply to me back, everybody says to wait and in one hour u will have a response and after … no answer” quite concerning.

Due to the nature of your service, it is imperative that issues with your service are resolved ASAP. It is even more imperative that the user is kept updated. Something is clearly going wrong here.

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(Alex Sherwood) #12

I find it unlikely, based on my experience with the support team but that’s just me..

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(Peter McDonald) #13

Granted, I have had great responses from them also but the OP is clearly a tad distressed. People tend to get distressed for a reason.

(Alex Sherwood) #14

Yes, lots of different reasons, sometimes when they urgently need help, sometimes when they’re trying to commit fraud. So it’s probably best not to try to judge how resolving this particular issue is going. I’m sure the team are capable of handling this :slight_smile:

(georgian lungu) #15

no fraud here this is a new account i had 300 pounds inside,i use the card and made some payments and after some time this

(georgian lungu) #16

i transferred money from my own account that is open and fully fuctional

(Adrian dumitrescu) #17

Same problem for me twice in 2 weeks now…starting to regret opening an account here,cant gen an answear why cant get an estimate time for resolving this.

(Hugh Wells) #19

Anyone that is having trouble would be best placed to contact us in the app or via :raised_hands:

I’m going to close this thread now as it’s quite old and we aren’t able to look in depth at account issues on the forum :frowning:

(Hugh Wells) closed #20