Pot totals for outgoings

I make use of the feature whereby you can pay direct debits and standing orders from a pot. One particular pot has 12 outgoings assigned of varying amounts. It would be useful to just have a total of those amounts displayed.

That’s what “left to pay” does.

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That would be the case of all the pots were for all the outgoings but some outgoings as I’m sure you know cannot be assigned to pots. Thanks for taking the time to reply though.

Most, if not all can be taken from pots

Standing orders
Direct debits
Card payments (if Plus/Premium)

The only thing I know you can’t do is standing orders to Monzo users…

Pots do exactly as you want

It’s been a long time since I’ve used the bills pot feature so might have misremembered this but I think it also says what the total is due from the pot before anything comes out which is what I think the original request is.

E.g. “the total of all bills, subscriptions and card payments is £x”

Either way I’m 99% certain that the bills pot already does this.

Then look at it at the start of the period.

Otherwise we’d need multiple totals to account for the payments that aren’t monthly. No point seeing a total of £1000 when you have a payment of £500 every December and the rest of the year it’s £500.

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I know. I’m agreeing with you in that the current functionality already does what the poster wants to.

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