Bills pot not showing correct amount left to pay


I use Monzo bill pot to pay all of my bills, this has worked quite well in that it would say that there would be approx £800 pounds left to pay, then I could add this and bills would be covered for the upcoming month.

However, it does not seem to do this anymore. It does not seem to calculate the total amount and sometimes misses out payments all together? This then throws me off for budgeting the rest of the months spending.

Is there something I am missing, or is it the app?

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Hi @LittleMy & welcome :wave:

Are you considering that a designated Bills pot can only feed the main account for bills that are Scheduled/Standing Orders/Direct Debits - and that CPA’s (like Spotify, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Paypal, etc.) can’t be paid from the Bills pot?

CPA’s can’t be added to a Bills pot, but will still be taken from your main account when the vendor requests payment. So the Bills pot won’t be totally accurate for ALL your bills if you have one or more CPA payment(s)

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One thing to watch out for, and this may not apply to you, is that the pots screen still uses the summary month to work out left to spend whereas the rest of the app seems to have moved to using the trends month. If summary and trends months are different you may not be seeing what you expect.

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I’m having this issue. Am a new user so I’ve never had access to summary. I’ve set my payday in trends, but ‘left to pay’ in by bills pot is calculated using the dates in summary which I can’t access to change so it’s defaulting to calendar month. Any ideas? Customer support have been unhelpful so far :disappointed:

If you go to your home screen and tap on your main account, it still opens the old carousel screen and you should still be able to get to the old summary screen in the top right (hopefully it’s still there for new users). It can take a few seconds to appear for me.

The date changing bit is here:

Hopefully they fix this before they replace the main account screen :grimacing:

Sadly it doesn’t appear for me…thanks for responding though.

If you head to the Balance tab in Trends, top right tap This month, is the date at the bottom set correctly?

If you’re a new customer and not had those bills leave your account yet, they may not show until they are collected.

Hi yeah the date is set correctly in Trends but the date pulling through to ‘left to spend’ is from Summary which I can seem to access to change Sonia different from the one I’ve set in Trends.

Something has definitely gone awry behind the scenes as my bills pot has worked without issue on both personal/joint for years but is now reporting a completely wrong “left to pay” figure. The upcoming feed is also reporting transactions as upcoming even though they have already landed earlier in the month (on the normal day they always land).

I noticed my summary restart date had reset itself to the 1st of the month when I’d previously chosen 31st - but after changing the date back the bills pot issue persists.


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