Pot rounding under £1

I love the pot rounding! But why don’t transactions under £1 round to £1?


I’ve never understood this either.

I know it’s intentional, I just don’t know the reasons behind it

Its so active cards checks aren’t rounded up as they are usually only a temporary charge.


Active card checks DO NOT actually take funds, it is the pre-auth that confirms you have say £1.50 (Apple), when adding a new card / reconfirming details.

Active card checks have no money tied to them in my experience.

Morrisons online shopping Active Cards check no money associated with it
Asda Pay at Pump no active card check, £1-£99 Pre auth that gets updated overnight (Generally)

Which is why you don’t want them rounded up.


I sometimes wish there would be a option to round up to 50p. I know there is an applet that I could use to do this, but it’s not as tidy as the intergated system (little round up circle next to the transaction).

Was just pointing out the differences :joy:

The only active card check under £1 I’ve seen are the 10p TfL ones.

The limit could definitely be lowered to below 50p (or even below 20p) I think.

This has been answered previously by a Monzo staff member, and the reason then was that they didn’t want to round up the 10p TfL transactions. You can use IFTTT to round up to the nearest 50p, although it will be a separate line in the feed, not the clean UI in the Monzo round-ups.


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Some subscription services that use USD billing will do a USD1 charge and then refund to check the card (which will be <£1). Irritating when there is a ‘proper’ procedure for active card checks, but not much we can do about it.

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