Pot auto reorders

Forgive me if my search wasnt thorough enough and this has already been discussed but my pots seem to have changed order, it looks as though they’re now in order of most recent first.

I haven’t read anything about this feature

Is this a thing?

Just tested it and they didn’t reorder again but they’re definitely in a different order than they were before

There is no sort option for pots (yet) they are just in chronological order.

Do you think the new account screen layout has had any effect on this?


I noticed it because i made a purchase this morning and decided to check how much was in my round up pot, couldn’t find it then spotted it at the top of the list. Wondered if maybe they’d sneaked something in where the most recent moved to the top.

Checked by making a deposit and then withdrawal to a different pot but nothing happened.

It doesn’t really affect anything, just kinda weird