Pots order rearranged by last update

For some reason the last update (July 19) rearranged my Pots order. I can’t work out what logic it used as it’s not alphabetical or last used or last created or related to amount in Pots. So can someone explain the Pots order logic please? I want to rearrange them. Before I would have just moved the £ out, deleted them all and recreated them in order of which one I wanted with oldest appearing at top. Don’t want to try this if it just uses other logic.

It should be in the order that they were created. Mine are still like that.

I am using iOS.

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Mine are still showing in order created :android: v2.60.1

I am using Android 9 & they rearranged themselves in the update before 2.60.1 8th Aug which put them back in my original order. :grinning:

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